Bitcoin, A More Promising Investment For Big MNCs Now

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way since the invention of Bitcoin in 2008. Backed by innovative technology, blockchain, the concept of cryptocurrency as a digital asset is marking its place in people’s lives..The significance and role of cryptocurrency have expanded substantially. From mere speculation to an investment instrument –the cryptocurrency industry is thriving.

Today’s newsletter is focused on Crypto investors, Cryptocurrency in sports betting and Bitcoin trading.

#1 Top Institutional Crypto Investors Profited in 2020

The cryptocurrency battlefield is getting increasingly crowded. This space is witnessing an increasing amount of attention being cast from multiple institutional investors.According to Evertas survey, institutional investors plan to significantly increase their stakes in Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets in the future. Read to know about prominent Institutional Investors Profited in 2020.

#2 Cryptocurrency Future In sports Betting

Given the rate at which virtual money continues to transform the world, the betting market is expected to claim $ 155 billion come 2024. Top bookmakers like Betway88 are registering high enrolment numbers every new day, a trend that is expected to go on.Betting on sports is legal in many countries, but some states do not allow it even though it is a multibillion industry that can positively influence the economy. For the countries that have embraced betting on sports, huge revenues in the form of taxes go into building their economy. So what’s the impact of cryptocurrency on sports? Read to know.

#3 Know The Advantages Before You Trade Bitcoin

Unlike trading currency pairs on the forex market, Bitcoin is a digital currency that’s completely independent of any government or central bank. This ‘decentralization’ is one of the major plus points for many Bitcoin traders. It means it’s unaffected by shifts in monetary policy. But it also means nothing can step in to stabilize its value if the need should ever arise. Know the advantages of Bitcoin trading before you do.

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