Bitcoin Is Gearing Up for A Major Bull Run

Cryptocurrency, one of the finest creations among Blockchain is considered more serious than ever before, especially during tough times like the ongoing pandemic. There are more than 5,000 cryptocurrency where-in Bitcoin always stands out. Since Bitcoin’s creation, it has never left a stone unturned to amaze its traders with its price shuffling between bearish trends to bullish.

Bitcoin, which was facing a tough time to have a bull ride, is now seen gearing up the market with the bulls being back in charge. This development is mildly forming a smug network of enthusiasts and creating a new light of better living.

Today’s newsletter is about Gold vs Bitcoin, unveiling of XRP’s payment platform and Ethereum’s price prediction.

#1 Debating Gold vs Bitcoin

Peter Schiff and Pomp recently streamed their live discussion featured on ‘Gold vs Bitcoin’. During the debate Schiff is seen quoting ‘Central banks are buying gold but not Bitcoin,’ and on the contrary Pomp advocated Bitcoin with the fact that bitcoin is not more divisible, can be traced, and also has outperformed Gold significantly. Read more about the debate which was no less than the fire.

#2 Ripple Executive unveils P2P Payment Platform

The director of product at Ripple, Craig DeWitt unveiled Payburner, a payment platform that enables one to purchase any physical goods online, using XRP cryptocurrency on July 27th. He describes Payburner as a non-custodial XRP wallet and hence, will not have access to the customer’s passwords and users are responsible for the safety of the stored funds. Read the exciting features offered by the platform.

#3 Ethereum To Mark $1000 Before Bitcoin Reaching $20k

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency is expected to have a major bull run in the near future. At present, Ethereum price has crossed the $300 mark after swinging in a very narrow range of $250-$280 for 4–5 months. Considering the market trend of Ethereum, many analysts expect a bull chase by this year-end. Read to the reasons for the predicted bull run.

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