Bitcoins Heads Towards Mainstream

Amidst the pandemic, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Bitcon are emerging as the leaders of “economy 2020” and beyond. Bitcoin is getting stronger with increasing users, regulatory acceptances and involvement of Big Players.

While nobody knows the limit to this growth for sure, there are a handful of Bitcoin price predictions made for the mid to long term, or with no time scale at all.

Today’s letter will take you across Bitcoin price predictions, online poker players switching to Bitcoin, reasons to be considered for Bitcoin investment, and a few other insights about the new digital head, missing Crypto founders and attack on Ethereum.

#1 Bitcoin To Surge $13500

As Coinpedia reported earlier that Bitcoin’s bull rally is resembling the 2017 bull run, many analysts predict bitcoin whale back in the crypto space. Plan B, an anonymous Bitcoin analyst which predicted $100 trillion as bitcoin price, tweeted the price could reach $13500. Read to know what other Bitcoin analysts and proponents have to say.

#2 Bitcoin Investment In Pandemic?

Bitcoin and other altcoins have witnessed a major breakout recently. The adoption rate has surged alongside the surge in the trading volume and market capitalization. But is it necessary to invest in Bitcoin now? Read to know.

#3 Online Poker Players To Bitcoin Poker

The online Poker world is vast and Global. Bitcoin gave a level playing field for cross currency playing. From Thailand to Vegas, Players are now able to play for an even currency with less fees. Also Bitcoin poker players can transfer money anonymously and without regulatory monitoring. Read more

#4 Goldman Sach’s U-Turn With Digital Currencies

Goldman Sachs is one of the investors behind a blockchain. As per the latest report, they are developing fiat-backed cryptocurrencies with a repo trader. However, Goldman in its previous statement issued warnings on the risks involved in cryptocurrencies and also advised their clients to not invest in them. Read why Bitcoin could be Rehypothecated.

#5 Unregistered Securities Sold!

The founders of Status Network Jarrad Hope and Carl Bennetts have reportedly been inaccessible. The software development company had sold unregistered securities and raised $100 million in an ICO back in 2017. Read the story.

#6 Yet Another Attack On ETC In Just Five Days.

In the early hours of 6th Aug, the exchanges Bitfly and Binance reported a fresh attack on ETC, reorganizing more than 4000 blocks on the blockchain network halting withdrawals and deposits. While ETC developers have denied the attack, on the other hand, Bitquery, a blockchain data intelligence firm claims that the attack resulted in approximately $5 million worth of cryptocurrency being double-spent. Read On.

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