Crypto enters entertainment, politics, schemes and everywhere now.

Apparently, have you experienced an unusual incident with your wallet balance ?

The transaction shows up unconfirmed and in the next check , it vanished. !!

Yes, a new trick to hack funds floating using the Bitcoins Lighting Network.

Bitcoin after the halving has seen around 20% rise in price along with other Altcoins.

Different countries have now started taking bitcoin on a serious scale and a lot of regulatory developments are on board. .

This piece of newsletter will take you on a quick tour of Blockchain space, how Next to Blockchain , Bitcoin is also setting up a strong traction filled with financial investments, black usage and payment purposes.

#1 “ My transactions showed records, but vanished in no time “

Bitcoin’s Lightning network is misused ! The purpose of this useful tool is to speed up the transaction, but the functional processing of this network is used to generate fake & unconfirmed transactions. Must read to understand the more about the existence and prevention from it.

#2 Russia is just like India, for bitcoin acceptance.,

Like Indian approach towards adapting Blockchain and not entertaining bitcoin( Crypto ), Russia too seems to have the same ideology. NO regulations / law has been made on using or theft of bitcoin( Cryptocurrencies ) . Read More

#3 Some coins can make quick money

In the race of thousands of Cryptocurrencies and tokens, here comes ENJ Coin, a Crypto token. Here’s a coin you can think of investing in, ENJ Coin Go checkout now

#4 Why so Serious? We’ve come to make Crypto jokes for you.

Are you going to meet a friend, a Client or having a humorous conversation. These Impressive lines will help you with some amazing lines and jokes to create laughter . Read here

#5 Binance stops services in Brazil , What’s wrong?

Being popular has its own disadvantages, Finance exchange that added cream to Brazillina crypto spaces faces objections on performing exchange services. This is said to be happening because of the “ regulatory concern”. Does it go long and Spread or Bounce back to normal. Read full story

#6. Anything but , $50 Million in Bitcoin is untraceable !!

FBI lifts its hands in tracing the $50 Million fund that was stolen from US Companies by 2 popular folks and converted to BTC lately. Where is this taking us? . Read Story

#7 Trump may see has 2 new competitors after McAfee

The next Big event in line is the US elections, after McAfee showed interest in running for US presidential elections, we see 2 new celebrity Crypto fans will also join the running. See who ?

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CoinPedia News

CoinPedia News

Catch up the latest buzz on Trading, Cryptocurrency, Stock market, & many more Fintech updates and discussions under a single platform.

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