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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has become the focus of massive public attention now. It’s almost seven months and still the world is under the impact of the pandemic. In particular, the pandemic has worsley affected financially vulnerable people, who are less able to combat the virus and are facing a very tough economic reality as this pandemic continues.

As the saying goes “ when the going gets tough, the tough gets going,” amidst these challenges, it is important to keep hope alive. India, is also among the highly affected nations, but comes out to be the strongest of all.

We’ve seen the nation continuing to serve the livelihood of the same volume along with some financial and legal developments. For instance, The trading volume of cryptocurrencies in India has increased by 400 percent in the last few months.

This newsletter will help you learn more about the recent panel discussion on Crypto which included well-known crypto analysts, the Chainlink’s fake fraud being exposed and the best tools for your Crypto investments

# 1 Crypto Is A Commodity For Indians

Mr.Subhash Chandra Garg, Ex-Chairman of ‘Inter-Ministerial Committee’, which earlier suggested crypto ban in India says crypto assets can be considered as ‘commodity’ in a Webinar initiating Crypto talks on July 17. The panel consisted of Nischal Shetty founder of WazirX, Sidharth Sogani founder of CREBACO, and Mr.Sanjay Khan Nagra, partner Khaitan & Co. Read to know the key aspects on Crypto put forth by the panelists.

#2 Is It A Master Plan To Dump Chainlink ?

Zeus Capital, an asset management firm and activist investor, recently released a 60 pages research document claiming Chainlink as a company and its token LINK is a near-complete fraud. Later Chainlink with its official tweet claimed Zeus Capital as a paid campaign and stated that they intended to spread misinformation on Chainlink so that the investor would sell-off their holdings and they could make money. Read the story

#3 Crypto Investment Tools, To Smoothen Your Crypto Journey

Online guides, tutorials, and blogs are always a great place to start for advice from experienced investors if you’re planning to be a successful Cryptocurrency investor. For instance, Crypto Vantage investment guides can give you impartial advice on the best wallets and exchanges. Read to know.

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CoinPedia News

CoinPedia News

Catch up the latest buzz on Trading, Cryptocurrency, Stock market, & many more Fintech updates and discussions under a single platform.

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