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2 min readJul 29, 2020


The global economy is certainly moving towards a digital world. From investment to money transfer, everything is going paperless. Over the last few years digital currency is rapidly gaining traction, especially due to the pandemic.We can see that the cryptocurrency is the most promising addition to the digital currency. Crypto development is definitely a new light to a better future.

This piece of newsletter will take you on a quick tour of a bet against Ethereum as its transactions surge, Altcoin’s bullish trend, India’s P2P exchanges and the insights on crypto market trends.

#1 Vechain To Takeover Ethereum?

VeChain founder Sunny Lu in an interview said that if VeChain succeeds in overtaking Ethereum, it would signify that the entire blockchain space is ‘making the breaking somehow’. Speaking about the big competition with tech companies he said that the market has a lot of potential for young and emerging technologies like VeChain. Read more.

#2 Crypto Bulls Push Ethereum Over Bitcoin

According to a report published by Ryan Watkins, a researcher in Messari Crypto, the public blockchain payments systems have touched the skies this year with the collective transactions of $1.3 trillion. Ethereum based transactions have risen massively where the transactions have surpassed $571 billion this year. Read to know the predictions by other analysts.

#3 India Records Highest Trading Volume !

India records highest trading volume on P2P exchanges. The P2P exchanges like LocalBitcoins and Paxful have released their data on trading volume which shows India’s trading volume of $3.4 million. On the other side, the country’s crypto exchanges have also hit an all-time high trading volume on their exchanges during the lockdown. Read the complete data.

#4 Altcoins, The Top Crypto Gainers

Although bitcoin is seen moving rapidly towards the $9,500 area, some alternate coins like Flexacoin have recorded repeated gains within the last one week. Read to know the top crypto market performers with notable results. Also read how Elrond gains first place with a significant 23% gain in the last 24 hours.

#5 Ampleforth Leads Top 50 Crypto Losers

Ampleforth [AMPL] sinks by 16% and joins SNX and OMG which have lost around 12% altogether. Read the complete analysis.

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