Cryptocurrency, The New Payment Gateway

The global economy is certainly moving towards a digital world. From investment to money transfer, everything is going paperless. Over the last few years digital currency is rapidly gaining traction, especially due to the pandemic.We can see that the cryptocurrency is the most promising addition to the digital currency. Crypto development is definitely a new light to a better future.

This piece of newsletter will take you on a quick tour of Bitcoin theft, Ethereum gas fee, Winklevoss brothers bullish Bitcoin predictions and Bitcoin payment gateway.

#1 Understanding Hackers Plot!

A GitHub customer named ‘1400BitcoinStolen’ elaborated the story of losing 1400 bitcoins which are more than $16 million at the present time. Binance CEO CZ also tweeted and cautioned the people about the hack and said that they have blacklisted the address. Read the complete story.

#2 Ethereum Gas Fees Skyrockets!

The gas fees of Ethereum have been surging nowadays. It also touched the heights and according to some reports, the ETH gas fees has touched $ 7 million for the month of August 2020. Will Ethereum reach $500? Read to know

#3 Bitcoin To Surge $500k?

The very first reported Bitcoin Billionaires, Winklevoss brothers, puts out the most bullish ever prediction. They believe Bitcoin would overtake the market by surpassing Gold to become the safe-haven asset. Read to know the reason for such predictions.

#4 Bitcoin Payments

At present, many businesses have adopted Bitcoin as a payment method, thus opening a great opportunity for merchants. Thousands of companies have already integrated a Bitcoin payment gateway to keep up with the times. Are you? If not then read to know how you can?

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