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2 min readJun 6, 2020


Cryptocurrency is being injected in regulatory frames globally, some keep it off roads and others are trying to ride with it. Blockchain technology is a Supreme creation and its use cases can change the way we operate our economy, our payment structure, and our lifestyles. We are almost there and in a year or two, you might see yourself reading this newsletter in some highly secure and decentralized mailing system.

This Newsletter has some latest updates happening in crypto spaces, from US taking crypto to regulations, a revolutionary idea of adding nominees to our crypto funds, new search algorithms for exchanges and bitcoin price views.

#1 America seeks for a better implementation of Blockchain

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), America, notices banks to figure the best possible ways of utilizing blockchain. Another attempt in reviving the economy.

#2 What happens to my crypto funds, if I die, unfortunately?

Have you ever thought of it? But a Comeback crypto exchange ZebPay figures out a solution and launches a nominee program for its Indian users. You can add a nominee to your crypto and fiat wallets.

#3 Best feature a Cryptocurrency exchange can have.

Coinmarket cap makes it easy for users with a new algorithm to its Crypto exchange search criteria. Volume, Liquidity, and Use Base. Traders must read this

#4 Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds , real estate and Now Bitcoin.

American Business mens apparently are opening up their views on Bitcoin and Crypto. Mr Robert Kiyosaki bets big($75000) on bitcoin price and also shares his love for bitcoin. He also said people should start investing in digital assets and be prepared for future challenges. Read here.

#5 Libra is trying to make a Comeback!

The facebook’s cryptocurrency libra is on the Zig-Zag scale, 2020 was supposed to be Libra’s year but things just did not work well. But here’s a masterstroke , see the new Version of Libra with a revised whitepaper and team.

#6 DigiByte Price Prediction

If you’re an DigiByte lover or you hold some, you should make some smart decisions, the asset has been taking a bearish trend in recent years and the future too seems to be a little hard. But Bitcoin can turn the table. Read the detailed prediction here.

#7 CryptoJacking is growing, precautions needed.

Your PC’s can be used to do illegal mining of Cryptocurrency, Cryptojacking is in dark space and slowly growing in silence. Read out primary details of this issue and be prepared.

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