Some coins do perform even without Bitcoin


It’s high time we start educating people regarding the potentiality of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. The Phase of 2018 to 2022 will be a remarkable year in technological development with regards to cryptocurrencies.

There is already a positive approach leading in communities and many haters or defamers have started following the asset. In the same wind, we see many potential projects are gaining popularity and making a difference.

This Newsletter will help you learn about the Dogecoin’s all time high price and some other developments by different projects of same panel

#1 Dogecoin hits all time high , and hashtag stands responsible.

DOGE coin, a fun ( meme) based cryptocurrency suddenly surged to all time ($0.0042 ) on tuesday. Interestingly, coinpedia has predicted it right , This pump is because of an hashtag that was spread by some young DOGE coin followers on ti tok , with an aim to take it to $1. Read story here

#2 All success stories are not Intense , Some are funny :)

A Dogecoin story! Checkout how a meme that circulated widely influenced crypto developers to create a coin ( network ) which is trending now.

#3 McAfee is unstopabble, announces a new product.

Have you ever heard about a phone without a sim card which is also untraceable? Yes, John Mcafee, founder of Mcafee Associates, is all set to launch a Ghost cell phone with these services by September 2020. Read to know what is the Mcafee’s Ghost cell phone all about?

#4 Verge (XVG) a momentum that remains Bullish for 2020

As the several cryptocurrencies are gracing the community with brilliant ideas and unstoppable technology, Verge is one the cryptocurrencies to appear in the blockchain ecosystem during the reign of the nearly extinct Initial Coin Offering (ICO) days and succeeding even today. Read to know where Verge stands in 2020.

#5 The Altcoin Season!

Hey Crypto lovers! Did you know about the Altcoins that are changing the market sentiments? Yes, Dogecoin, Cardano, Vechain and Ripple’s XRP are the top-performing altcoins for this week. Click to know why experts are calling the market sentiments “definitely an alt season.”

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CoinPedia News

CoinPedia News

Catch up the latest buzz on Trading, Cryptocurrency, Stock market, & many more Fintech updates and discussions under a single platform.

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