What Does The Future Hold For Cryptocurrency?

In recent years Cryptocurrency has become a global phenomenon, although much is yet to be learnt about this evolving technology. The unique advantage of cryptocurrencies such as decentralized and autonomous nature has grabbed the investors attention around the globe. The speed at which the Cryptocurrencies are taking over is the clear indication that fiat currency will soon be a past and Cryptos will definitely find its way into our lives for a better future.

Today’s newsletter will take you across Bitcoin’s struggle for a bullish trend, Chainlink’s bearish prediction and a few insights about the ongoing Sushi trend.

#1 Bitcoin Awaits For A Bullish Trend

The crypto space was adversely impacted with most of the digital assets and the DeFi tokens plunged throughout the week. Although the crypto market today has entered the correction phase with most of them being bullish, Bitcoin is still struggling to maintain a five-digit price, finding the support levels above $10000. But still analysts are bullish and ask not to sell off. Read to know why?

#2 Chainlink Makes for Top 5 Cryptos, Yet Analysts Predicts A Bearish Trend

Chainlink recorded a drop from over $15 to less than $10 gradually. But it grabbed everyone’s attention by recovering and jumping above $12 in less than 24 hours. While the altcoin market just initiates its recovery, Chainlink bounces aggressively. It is currently trading at $12.70 with a change of 8.65 percent. Read why analysts are bearish on the bullish Chainlink.

#3 Sushi Token Recovers After A Drastic 70% Dip

Most of the digital tokens in the crypto space including the DeFi tokens had plunged over the past week. Sushi token also had surged to its highest level of $11 at the beginning of September 2020. But the sudden increase of the token to less than $3 in just three days created a whole bunch of uncertainty over the coin. Read more

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